Friday, November 4, 2011

Final Cue's One Year Anniversary :)

On Halloween, we ((((Final Cue)))) celebrate our first year playing together as a band.  It seems like it has been sooooooo long...  In that year we have grown sooo much as a band. Our music is going to another level.  We have been gaining more fans and our name is being mentioned with Detroit best talent.  In the coming weeks, we are planning some hardcore recording sessions. We are also working on getting some Final Cue merchandise and music out to the people who love to hear it :)

Ha....we have a couple cool shows coming up...find a way to get to's going to be
#utter #awesomesauce!!!!

Just before the holidays Final Cue is performing at their home spot LIV Resto | Lounge (L!V) on
Saturday November 12, 2011  from 7-10.  Come check us out....

And if Saturday is not enough...and you just gotta have more... on Sunday night November 13, 2011 we will be performing at UDetroit Lounge for the @RenCenCoolBeans "RenCen knows allll the Girlz" Birthday's gonna be #FANTASTICAL!!!!